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Teeth Whitening Procedure

It is said that "96% of people notice your smile first." So, why not smile confidently with your brightest smile? Brightening and whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure, and with our Vada Beauty and Finally White products, less than 1% of the population will experience any sensitivity with our system. The gels we use have been designed for sensitive teeth and contains a neutral pH balance to avoid any aching or zinger sensations. In addition, our gel is infused with potassium nitrate to help alleviate sensitivities, which is dentist recommended. Results are always guaranteed after one service, however, we cannot guarantee how much one will whiten. Everyone's teeth whitens differently due to the amount of staining each individual has, what their tooth structure is, or habits they may have.

Each full treatment will approximately take one full hour.

To start, our certified Teeth Whitening Specialist will apply a deep scrub serum which is designed to enhance the teeth whitening process and act as a pre-whitening treatment. Think of it as a pre-treatment stain remover you would use on a stained white t-shirt before putting it in your washing machine. By pre-treating the enamel surface with solvents and surfactants, it effectively and effortlessly removes plaque and surface stains and boosting the whitening results by 50%. When we hydrate the tooth surface, it also helps to block sensitivity.

Next, we add your gel of choice, Classic or 24K Gold.

Classic is a powerhouse gel with a hydrogen peroxide level of 16% and works well for most. 24K Gold is for those who are looking for a more dramatic result, or for those for have deeper staining. With a 36% hydrogen peroxide level and 24K Gold nanoparticles, this service will leave you with a true Hollywood smile.

Once the gel is applied, and you are comfortably sitting/reclined, you will put on protective eye wear and we will bring the blue and red LED light close to your teeth (without touching) and we will start the first round of 15 minutes.

What exactly does the blue and red light do for teeth whitening? Blue light therapy activates the teeth whitening gel and increases the speed of the whitening process. The red light is crucial for killing bacteria and helping with inflammation. Now that your first round of 15 minutes with the gels and LED light is complete, you will rinse and we will do this entire process two more times!

Once we have completed your third round and you have rinsed, you will use a finger brush to remove any extra gel that still may be remaining and rinse again.

Eating or drinking (water is fine) is strongly discouraged for at least one hour after your treatment as the teeth whitening products are still actively removing stains.

We have a wonderful selection of after care products that will help to prolong your results!

Read all about them here! Otherwise, touch ups are encouraged every 1-3 months after your full treatment.

Feel free to reach out by email or comment below to ask any questions or concerns you may have!

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