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At Home Teeth Whitening Products

The main reason everyone seeks teeth whitening treatments is to simply refresh the look of their teeth. Everyday food, beverages, lifestyle choices, along with age and regular wear and tear affect the color of your teeth. Whether you go in for a professional chair side service, or choose to whiten at home, maintaining the results of your teeth whitening depends on how good your aftercare is.

The first 24-48 hours after your treatment are the most important. After your teeth have been whitened, they are extremely porous and like little sponges. So as soon as you go home and drink a coffee (or enjoy anything dark/acidic), those stains are going to want to stick back onto the teeth in the little pores that have just been whitened.

The Stain Shield helps prolong results, rehydrate enamel and ease sensitivity by filling these pores with potassium nitrate, making them glossy & hydrated so that the stains just bounce off the teeth instead of sticking to them.

Instructions: Just before bed, brush, floss and rinse your teeth. Twist up the bottom of the pen until a small amount of gel comes out and brush onto the fronts of your teeth. Do this every night until it is empty. No Eating, drinking, spitting or rinsing.

Whether you are touching up at home in-between full service treatments, or would prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, a wonderful at home teeth whitening product is the At Home Whitening Pen. Since the pores of teeth are open following a professional teeth whitening treatment, any sort of teeth whitening agent that you put on your teeth is going to penetrate deeper into the tooth, thus whitening them more and deeper. Making your results more drastic and last longer. Do this process for no more then 14 days. To maintain, simply use once a week for 15minutes. Always consult a dentist before beginning any new oral hygiene routine. Do not use weekly for longer than 6 weeks. This pen will help to keep your smile nice and white and will help to protect your investment in your teeth.

Now, The Whitening Pen works wonder on its own, but you can step up the whitening process with a Mini LED light! This light is special because not only is it cordless, making it easy to multi-task while you use it, it also has 5 LED bulbs for 5 times the accelerating power! Most common store bought mini LED lights only have 1 bulb. Our Mini LED Light is also powered by a CR battery - which is included!

Bundle and save and keep those teeth pearly white!

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