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Activated Charcoal is one of the top contenders for Organic teeth whitening!
Gluten free, detoxifying, pH balanced, deep cleans and whitens teeth!


Please note: even though this is FINE ground, powders are too abrasive to be used long term. 
This is not a substitute for proper oral hygiene or whitening.


Recommended use:
If using after whitening, use 1-2x a week to maintain. If using to achieve a whiter smile, use daily for no more than 2 weeks, then 1-2x a week! Even at the finest grind this is too abrasive for consistent daily use and should be used with a very soft bristle brush like the bamboo brush. We recommend using it every other day for 2 weeks than 1-2x a week.


To use: Dip the brush lightly and brush as normal over a sink. 
This is too abrasive to be performed nightly. Charcoal powder is known to not only lift stains but is full of anti-oxidants and can even settle upset stomachs. (Do not ingest, powder ingested in small quantities during brushing is not harmful)

Coco Smile Charcoal Powder

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