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At home Whitening Pens can be used once a week for 15 minutes (48 hours after a professional chair side treatment) for up to 6 weeks, then monthly going forward.

Teeth Whitening Pen Instructions:

Twist up the bottom of the pen to extrude a little bit of gel. Wait for the gel to come to the top.

Brush the gel on the front sides of the teeth and apply the mini-LED Light between your teeth and lips, click to turn on and wear for the duration of your at home treatment!

Recommended to use before bed - no eating or drinking one hour after.

Always consult a dentist before beginning any new oral hygiene routine. Do not use weekly for longer than 6weeks.


Mini LED Light: This hands free and cordless mini led light is the only light you need for your professional at home whitening sessions and/or touch ups.

No cords getting in the way as you move about, no bulky trays filled with goop making you gag and irritating your gum lines. Used with our professional chair side gel pens, you too can get results in the comfort of your own home with the right tools!

Sleek seashell design that comes with 5 LED Bulbs for 5 times the accelerating power*

The Mini LED Light uses a common CR battery (included!).

Simply open the back, remove the plastic backing in the battery compartment and reclose. Apply the light between your teeth and lips, click to turn on and wear for the duration of your at home treatment!


Stain Shield: After the teeth have been whitened, they are extremely porous and like little sponges. So as soon as you go home and drink a coffee (or enjoy anything dark/acidic), those stains are going to want to stick back onto the teeth in the little pores that have just been whitened. Stain Shields help prolong results, rehydrate enamel, and ease sensitivity by filling these pores with potassium nitrate, making them glossy & hydrated so that the stains just bounce off the teeth instead of sticking to them.

Stain Shields Instructions: Just before bed, brush, floss and rinse your teeth. Twist up the bottom of the pen until a small amount of gel comes out and brush onto the fronts of your teeth. Do this every night until it is empty. No Eating, drinking, spitting, or rinsing.


At Home Whitening Kit

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