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Travel Alberta: Heart Creek Bunker

You can find this man made cave on Mountain McGillivray located in the Bow Valley of Kananaskis. This hike is great for all ages and it leads to a very cool (no pun intended, it is pretty chilly inside!) cave/bunker.

West of Calgary, down the Trans Canada Highway, take exit 105 toward Lac Des Arcs, turn left on Range Road 91A, left again onto Lacs des Arcs Access and one more left onto Heart Creek Day Use.

The trail to the cave is on the west side of the parking lot called the "Trans Canada Trail." You get to the cave within under an hour. We had 5 kids ranging in age from a year and a half to 8 years old, plus a wagon which we do not recommend hauling. On the last hill up to the cave, we ended up leaving it off to the side to pick up on our way back down.

There were some inclines to get to the cave, so having to haul the wagon filled with snacks and water to hydrate a small village took a few of us to push and pull so we recommend just a backpack with only what you need.

Once you get to the cave/bunker you want to make sure you have a GOOD working flashlight. It is very dark and kind of creepy at first, but once you're inside and exploring it is a very fun experience!

We've heard different stories that this cave/bunker was part of a Cold War-era plan to keep important government records safe or to be used as a bomb shelter.

This man made cave started construction in 1969. There were a lot of plans for it to be fully self sufficient in case of a disaster, however it was never completed.

It is great for a day trip and if you're looking to explore something different. I would definitely go back again and I highly recommend checking it out.

Things to bring: water/ snacks, bug spray, picnic lunch to enjoy after - either in the parking lot or take the overpass across the highway and find day picnic tables at Lac Des Arcs day use by the little water area.

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