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Bullet Journaling - What You Need To Know Before You BuJo

I love good old fashioned pen and paper to make lists, set goals and to (try) and sort my life out. I have recently been introduced to Bullet Journaling or BuJo as the cool kids call it. This method is considered to be the best method to plan, reflect, mediate and kick ass. I love that it is a planner, a journal and a diary all in one. My favorite thing about BuJo, is that it is 100% customizable to each individual.

So what is a Bullet Journaling (BuJo)?

With a little bit of a mix of daily planning, diary, quotes, meditation and more, BuJo turns chaos into neatly organized check lists. This system helps to be productive both in your personal and professional life. With sections to log your daily to do list, notes, weekly or monthly appointments, short or long term goals or even just reminders to drink water throughout the day, BuJo helps to make sure you are being productive and not just busy. Entries are added in bullet point form, so you can check them off as you go. Personally, I love crossing off or checking things off a list. There's something just so satisfying about it.

Updating your BuJo daily helps to stay focused and get tasks done.

Start with any notebook and fill the pages as you please. Add fun stickers, draw/doodle pictures or any design of your choice, print/buy labels, or use stencils to create fun headers, banners, words, etc.

Unlike traditional planners or organizers, I love that this system is totally customizable to add in what I want to journal or make categorized lists of. I also love that there is always daily reflection. I find it calming to be creative in my pages and add color, designs, etc.

Some sections to consider to add into your BuJo should be: -An Index: a table of contents found at the beginning of your note book.

-Year at a glance: set a few pages aside to add in events, birthdays, major holidays or goals.

-Monthly Log: These pages can have things that need to be accomplished each month ex) when certain bills are due, books you want to read, recipes you want to try or things that need to be done that month which will then be divided into your daily log.

Daily Log: Everyday check list. This can be organized in categories or however you see fit.

Pinterest is a wonderful place to get inspired with BuJo. I have come across some very creative looks to track fitness, your mood, or even how you sleep. Create a section of your BuJo for daily gratitude and see how you can start your morning out with a positive vibe.

For me, success comes from being organized, writing important things down, making sure I am always accountable, but, it also comes from how I am treating myself throughout the day. Am I getting enough sleep, am I drinking enough water, am I getting enough exercise or am I getting overwhelmed and need to go mediate or just say 3 things I'm grateful for to help me relax? By adding these into my Daily log, there are no more excuses. Yes it is important to make sure I am getting my professional deadlines met, but, it is even more important to make sure I am taking care of myself so I can continue to make sure I can get my deadlines met.

If you haven't tried BuJo, I encourage you to start today. I am interested to know in a few weeks if this has helped you to be more productive, help your mood, stress levels, or any feedback you have got from this. Maybe this wasn't for you. And if it wasn't, I am interested to know why or what works better for you.

Below are some pictures I found on Pinterest by searching "Bullet Journal Inspo."

I am so looking forward to see what you will or have created with your BuJo!

Love + Light Vada Beauty

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