We are PROUD to partner up with our friends at Calgary Pride to release a special, limited edition crystal candle.
Choose from 18 different scents.

$5 from every "Love is Love" candle sold will go directly to Calgary Pride.


At Vada Beauty, we believe

Love is love

is love is

love is love

is love is

love is love

is love is


For more information on Calgary Pride and events you can attend and support, please visit



Love is Love Crystal Candle

100% pure soy wax. 50+ hour burn time. Untreated crackling wood wick. Phthalate and paraben free. Embedded crystal. Topped with rainbow glitter and floral botanicals. 


(Travel + Summer Loving Scents)

San Francisco - fresh flowers, citrus, jamine (floral scent)

Paris - raspberry, rose, vanilla, musk (fun,  similar to a perfume scent)

The Coast - sea salt, sea moss, vetiver (fresh rain scent)

Cypress - sea salt, driftwood, cypress (saltwater sea scent)

Rose Lemonade - fresh berries, rose, lemon (this smells just like it sounds, roses and lemonade)

The Tropics - lychee, pineapple, coconut (very tropical, beach scent)

Vitamin Sea - jasmine, lily, sea salt, (fresh water, rain scent)


(Available year round scents)

Bourbon + Oak - tobacco, rose petals, tonka bean, aged oak bourbon, vanilla, infused with cedar wood essentia l oil 

Cashmere - vanilla, musk, softwoods 

Coconut + Lime

Femme Fatale - amber, sandalwood, wildflowers, vanilla 

Forest - eucalyptus, mint, balsam pine, cedar leaf, juniper berries


Marilyn Monroe - citrus, bergamot, vanilla, musk

Peaches + Cream 

Pop the Bubbly

Rose Quartz - amber, green tea, jasmine, bergamot, citrus 

Sunday Morning - fresh berries, freesia, sweet pea






Love is Love