All your favourite scents available in a spray! Safe for skin, great to freshen up any room or vehicle! 


Avaiable Until the End of August
San Francisco - citrus, fresh flowers, jasmine (floral scent)

The Coast - sea salt, sea moss, vetiver (fresh rain scent)

Cypress - sea salt, driftwood, cypress (fresh saltwater scent)

The Tropics -lychee, pineapple, coconut (very tropical, beach scent)


Available All Year

Bourbon + Oak - tobacco, rose petals, tonka bean, aged oak bourbon, vanilla, cedarwood (rich, full scent)

Cashmere - vanilla, musk, soft woods (delicate, light musk scent)

Coconut + Lime

Femme Fatale - amber, sandalwood, wildflowers, vanilla (floral, fruity scent)

Forest - eucalyptus, mint, balsam pine, cedar leaf, juniper berries (smells like a forest)


Marilyn Monroe - citrus, bergamot, vanilla, musk (citrus fruits, soften with musk, sweetened with vanilla, fun, flirty, perfume scent)

Paris - raspberry, rose, vanilla, musk (fun, flirty, perfume scent)


8oz Fragrance Mist - Available in 12 scents

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